Dragon+ #09

Posted on septembre 02, 2016, 11:12
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Join us as Dragon+ turns its attention to the most gigantic of foes in our Storm King’s Thunder issue. A Brief History of Giants looks back at D&D giants through the ages, artist Tyler Jacobson contemplates his giant-sized task in bringing these iconic foes to life, and we also examine the making of WizKids’ Storm King’s Thunder miniatures. On the digital aside, there’s behind-the-scenes access to Neverwinter’s Storm King’s Thunder module with designer Thomas Foss, plus an in-depth look at the coolest technologies being used around the table.

To round things off, we present new fiction, chat with author Erin M. Evans on the epic conclusion to her Brimstone Angels series—and even provide a free adventure, Wizard in a Bottle, for every reader to download from the Dungeon Masters Guild.

All this, plus all our regulars and specials in issue 9 of Dragon+!


Letter from the Editor
Mike Mearls discovered a giant-sized revelation working on Storm King’s Thunder.

The Best Gadgets, Gizmos and Gaming Gear
We take a long look at the coolest tech being used at the table.

Storm Over Neverwinter
Cryptic Studios’ lead designer Thomas Foss talks about Neverwinter’s Storm King’s Thunder module, the most challenging content they’ve ever created.

Imagine Giants
Artist Tyler Jacobson reveals the giant sized task in bringing Storm King’s Thunder’s cover and key art to life.

A Brief History of Giants
Shannon Appelcline guides you on a journey through the history of one of D&D’s most iconic foes.

The Devil You Know
Author Erin M. Evans talks about bringing the curtain down on the epic Brimstone Angels series.

Making the Mold
How 2D art is transformed into living 3D D&D icons. WizKids’ art director Fred Rugar charts the making of the Storm King’s Thunder miniatures.

Best of The DMs Guild
We talk to MT Black creator of Wizard in a Bottle, plus claim a free copy of the adventure and discover the Wardancer, a fighter archetype with a fluid, graceful style.

Man and His Dog
Discover how man’s best friend proves a giant’s nemesis in a short story by Bart Carroll.

Video & Audio Highlights
Force Grey: Giant Hunters comes to a mighty conclusion, Twits and Crits debuts and Scott Kurtz drops in to Dragon Talk.

The Pencil is Mightier Than the Sword
Unleash your creative talents on the new Monsters and Heroes of the Realms Coloring Book.

Unearthed Arcana
Mike Mearls and Jeremy Crawford explore new options for arcane spellcasters in the Pact of the Seeker.

Sage Advice
Jeremy Crawford answers your questions on class features, multiclassing and specific spells.

The Hall of the Fire Giant King by Jason Thompson.

Next Issue
A spooky Halloween themed special awaits in October with specials on Betrayal on House on the Hill, an interview with Legend of Drizzt author R.A. Salvatore, plus Tyrants of the Underdark expansion decks, and more on Neverwinter!


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