Dungeon Crawl Classics : 2016 Holiday – Twilight of the Solstice

Posted on décembre 01, 2016, 7:00
28 secs

A level 4 adventure with a holiday theme! The perfect adventure to play during the cold winter days. Plus this adventure includes an exciting new innovation from Goodman Games. The adventure plot allows the players to learn about their characters as the adventure unfolds – and the module includes 6 custom character sheets shrink-wrapped inside. Each character sheet has more than two dozen scratch-off spots (like on a lotto ticket). Players scratch off the spots to reveal their character as game play progresses! A conflict at the end of time! On the eve of the winter solstice, long-banished giants from the frozen void strive to complete a ceremony that will cause an endless winter to envelope the world. The adventurers find themselves torn from existence, stripped of not only their equipment, but their very memories, and summoned to the far edge of the world to repair an ancient temple of time. Will you recover your abilities and solve the challenges of the world clock before the end of time itself?

Price : 14,99 $

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Release date : beginning of December 2016

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