Cat Box

Posted on novembre 30, 2016, 7:00
59 secs

Cat Box is a simple, yet clever card game, about cats and the boxes they love! At the start of the game, players are handed a secret winning condition, before playing cards (from anyone’s hand) in order to score the most points. But be careful! Give away your kitty’s colour too early and others will be able to block your plans!
The advanced game adds five single-use tokens for each player which have different effects. Designed by Aza Chen (Cat Tower, Kitty Paw, Doggy Go!), Cat Box was originally published in Taiwan.

Grail Games is pleased to present this new, English edition of the game.


Price : 16,99 $

Players : 2-5

Ages : 6 +

Play Time : 30 min


Available : end November 2016

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