Atlantis: Grandmother’s Island

Posted on novembre 27, 2016, 7:00
26 secs

A full-length adventure set in the antediluvian world of ATLANTIS! “The Heroes are drawn to the island by fevered dreams and a song sung to them from a distant coast. It calls to the Heroes during every waking moment, beckoning them to Pulau Nenek. The tired senses of sleep, the comfort of dreams, have all been darkened for them of late. At night they dream of a stifling humidity and a dimming sky. The taste of salt in the air and the scent of rotting flesh permeate the nightmare. Waves crash against a sandy white shore and each wave stains the shore with blood.” Travel to Grandmother’s island where animals are able to speak and the villagers are plagued by strange events. The fields have gone barren and the forest has become too wild to traverse. Unlock the mystery of Grandmother’s island and unravel the mystery before it is too late. Make a true Hero’s choice and help decide the fate of the island.

Price : 12,99 $


Release date : end November 2016

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